By Abdu Mohamed

Ethiopian Flag Handover to Athlete Representatives. (Photo: Abdu Mohamed)

Addis Ababa, Aug 01,2017 – Ethiopian Athletics federation (EAF) officially see off its 40 selected athletes to represent Ethiopia in 13 different events for the upcoming London World Athletics Championship.

During the Cermony held on last Sunday, representatives of coaches and athletes have addressed a message about their preparation and results they expect on the championship.

Long distance coach Tolosa Kotu said that they had good preparation, especially we worked as a team and had done more of a team work. and also said they expect better result. The representative of men athletes, Anduamlak Belihu who will race in 10,000m, said the hard training will enable us to expect good results. representative of women athletes, Asselefech merga who will participate in marathon on her part, said ”we prepared well and the only thing we want is the prayer of Ethiopian people.”

The legendary long distance athlete and president of the federation, Haile Gebresilasie cermonized about the importance of team spirit and team work . he presented an example, by putting a bunch of color pencils tied up together and tried to break it up , but can’t. But When trying it one by one the pencils easily broken. And finally Haile said ” if you are alone, lrt alone strong opponent but any weak person can beat you. But when you are together, no one can beat you.”

In ministry of youth and sport, sport sector deputy minister Mr. Tesfaye yigezu, is one of honorable guests who were attending the program, said ”we and your people are beside you. We always exalted you. Because you are our cachet who can make our flag waving high.”

2013 Moscow world athletics championship, 800m gold medalist Muhammed Aman is one of the selected athletes for London. He is hoping to sway that honor. ”I was fighting with injury for about 6 months. Now I am very healthy, I have done my training justly. So I expect better result in London.”

Solomon Barega, 13th African Youth championship and 10th world u18 championship gold medalist, will run in 5000m, expects a gold to make ”hat trick” in single year. He said ” it’s my pleasure to win at herculean stage. If I can’t win the gold, I will try to help my teammates to win it.”

At the end of the program, the honored guests and the federation officials handover the national flag to athlete representatives, Anduamlak Belihu and Asselefech Merga.

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