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Team Kenya, lifting their trophy.
Photo by: Haileegziabher Adhanom

By Haileegziabher Adhanom, AIPS & ESJA Member

Nakuru, Kenya, December 15, 2018 – Hosts Kenya became Champions of the first Copa Coca Cola U-16 Africa Cup, defeating continental football powerhouse Nigeria 3-2 on penalty, after a highly contested and entertaining  goaless draw, during the normal time. Hosts, were arguably the best side of the tournament, which begins on Monday in Nakuru, County.

Kenya Beat Neighbouring Ethiopia 11-1, in the opening match, and recorded a 3-0 victory against Botswana, 1-0 against Uganda and Zambia on their way to the final. Earlier the day Botswana had won the bronze medal match, after beating Zambia 4-3 on penalties, the normal time was finished 1-1.

The week-long football tournament had bring together 12 talented and youthful African teams, who had won their respective national annual football tournaments. moreover, the tournament also, clearly demonstrated the talents of African youths.

Rodney Nzioka, Senior brand manager, Coca Cola Kenya, describes that, Coca Cola wished this tournament to be more than just football, “we want the kids to get the experience, to learn friendship, meet other players from another country, to expose for new cultures and express theirs, while engaging in the beautiful game; and apart from the small first time hiccupping’s, that we will definitely amend them in the next edition, the overall organization, went on very well.”

It had been a week of exposures and events, for the kids coming from the participating 12 countries.

There had been cultural fusion evening events, at Kabarak University, in Nakuru, where the kids were staying the whole week. There had been karaoke, Dancing, indoor game competitions between themselves and a visit to the most astonishing natural attractions of the city, including the Menengai Crater and Nakuru National park, which boasts so many species and lake Nakuru.

Kenya, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Botswana, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi are the countries, who took part in the Inaugural Copa Coca Cola U-16 African Cup, held in Kenya, from Dec 10-15, 2018.

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