The newly setup sub-committees and Commissions are:

1. Membership and Office Management:

Chairperson: Mensur Abdulkeni

Members: konji Teshome, Dereje Tegenaw, Dagim Zinabu and Ariyat Raya.

2.  Capacity Building and Ethics:

Chairperson Fikir Yilikal

Membres:Girmachew Kebede, Hana Gebresilassie and Haileegziabher Adhanom.

3.  Stakeholders Relation and Sponsorship:

Chairdperson:Yonas Teshome

Members: Mensur Abdulkeni, Tadele Assefa and Fikir Yilikal.

4. Event Management:

Chaireperson: Hana Gebresilassie Members: Dagim Zinabu, Ariyat Raya and Konjit Teshome.

5. Communication:

Chaireperson Haileegziabher Adhanom

Members, Tadele Assefa, Girmachew Kebede and Konjit Teshome.


Athletics Commission:  Girmachew Kebede.

Women Sports Affairs:  Dagim Zinabu.